Senior UI/UX Designer (3D & VR)

Permanent employee, Full-time · Berlin

What is Yaak?
Yaak is developing an autonomous driving platform that prioritizes safety before full autonomy. Partnering with our driving school customers around the world, we codify into SafetyOS their decades of experience in scoring, detecting, explaining and correcting human driving. We actually don't do anything with yaks.
Why human driving?
The year 2007 heralded new possibilities in self-driving. The excitement wasn't unfounded of course. We had solved driving in the rugged terrain of the Mojave Desert — with no internet connection and without supervision — urban self-driving seemed like a few years away. A decade, a deep learning revolution, and many $B later we are still waiting for it, if/when it's unaffordable.
At Yaak we asked ourselves how to go about building AI that is provably safe and generalized to unseen data/environments? How can we bake explainability into it from the ground up? Instead of building a classic AV stack, why not build a safety-first driving platform that can score, detect, explain and correct human driving with high precision before it's allowed on public roads.
The Role
At Yaak, seamless user experience is the supreme ruler and you are its greatest disciple and advocate. We believe that a well designed product is usable, accessible and inspires excitement in its user, no matter if that person is a novice or expert.

At Yaak you'd:
  • Catapult an industry that has seen minimal innovation into the 21st century
  • Make Yaak's VR product an integral and seamless part of a driving instructor's work day, and a driving student's learning experience
  • Steer the direction of design at Yaak, from craft to culture
As a Senior UI/UX Designer you will:
  • Craft clean and frictionless UI/UX for our VR driving simulator
  • Update and maintain a large design system to unify the UI/UX across all products (VR/mobile/web)
  • Conduct user research and testing for VR driver training
  • Collaborate with a range of developers, engineers and product peeps
  • Participate in product strategy with biz dev and product management team
  • Take ownership of the attention to detail and creativity of your projects
You won't see hard requirements here for certain degrees or exact years of experience because we know everyone has their own unique journey. If you're brilliant at your craft and an experienced collaborator,don't worry, we'll know it when we see it.

You have:
  • Been around the block about 5 years
  • A portfolio demonstrating masterful craftsmanship of multiple digital products with a heavy emphasis on console/PC games
  • Experience with UI/UX design work in the games industry
  • Experience conducting user testing and following user-centered, data-driven design processes
  • High proficiency working with core Adobe CC tools and Figma
  • Shown comfort working and communicating in English
Big plus for:
  • Experience designing UI/UX flows for VR applications
  • Experience designing & maintaining a large design system
  • Relevant participation in the design of companion apps for games, or other cross- domain design experience
  • Proficiency working in UE4
  • Experience working in multi-disciplinary teams with iterative development cycles
  • Excellent articulation skills when it comes to explaining design decisions
Bonus points for:
  • Relevant participation in one or more shipped VR games
At the core, you are:
  • A Problem Solver. From sourdough to spaceships you are fascinated by complex problems.
  • A Pragmatist. Complex problems don't always require complicated solutions.
  • A Learner. No matter the topic, you like to constantly learn new things.
  • An Organizer. You get shit done and love obsessing over tiny details.
  • A Team Player. You work well with others, and are willing to think out loud.
  • A Self-Starter. You take initiative and are constantly coming up with new ideas, whether it be for a new feature or karaoke night.
  • A Nerd. Grid strategy, design systems and perfectly organized layers really rock your socks.
  • Competitive compensation package with employee stock options program
  • Yearly public transport ticket and mobility bonus
  • Flexible work-from-home policy (even when the world is pandemic-free)
  • Quarterly off-site somewhere in the world to regroup with the team and plan
  • Work in an international team full of talented, chill and cooky people
  • Visa and relocation support
Distributed team perks:
  • Free access to corporate apartment in Berlin (Yaak HQ)
  • Company credit card for managing regular travel to Yaak HQ
Diversity in Tech
Yaak is committed to fostering diversity and inclusion. We want you on our team — no matter your ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability, or if you’re currently parenting the next world leader. It's our belief that the best work gets done when one feels appreciated, supported and are their most authentic self.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!
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